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Take the right program at the right stage of your business.
Can we be real for a second? I know you only have so much time, energy and resources to give… and you need to focus on what’s really going to move the needle for your business right now.
Can we be real for a second? I know you only have so much time, energy and resources to give… and you need to focus on what’s really going to move the needle for your business right now.
You can’t get to the top of the stairway without climbing every step. And the market is full of people trying to sell you magic flying suits to get to the top overnight.
Now I’m not saying you can’t fly or that magic doesn’t exist.
Things can happen fast when you have clarity and when you get the strategy right.
That’s why our journey together starts with clarity. Getting crystal clear about what you do, who you serve and how you’re different, before identifying the right strategies, tactics and technologies to support your unique vision.
"Before you can make money
while you sleep,
you have to be able
to make money
while you're awake."
- Marisa Murgatroyd
Blue Sky
- You’re just getting started and anything is possible!
- You may have an idea or message but you’re not crystal clear on what it is.
- Maybe you’re making money. Maybe not.
- You haven’t figured out how to express and package what you do in a way that brings in consistent revenue.
Call me
- You’re a coach, consultant, healer, independent or creative professional, or service provider whose business model is based primarily on 1:1 advice and services.
- You get new clients by getting on the phone.
- Most successful online expert entrepreneurs start here.
List Build
- You’re an online entrepreneur whose business model is based primarily on selling trainings, information products, group coaching programs, or physical products with a high potential for subscriptions or repeat business.
- You get new clients by building your list.
- You’re an author, speaker, media personality, or thought leader whose business model is based primarily on selling books, products and ideas; getting paid to speak; or high-end consulting.
- You get new clients by creating new marketing channels, while growing and nurturing your tribe and reputation.
- This is the stage where you appear to be everywhere.
- Most people jump into the Authority Stage too soon.
Experience Product Masterclass
Harness the Power of “Experience Products” to Make at Least $2000 in the Next 10 Weeks… GUARANTEED!
One of the fastest ways to leverage your time and scale your business is through creating an online course or program.
However most online courses leave their students behind, leading to huge refunds, little-to-no repeat sales and a lot of frustration.
In the Experience Product Masterclass you’ll learn how to design and launch an online courses that people actually want to buy and complete. A course that gets your students hooked on taking action, getting results and ultimately buying from you over and over again.
Unlike traditional information-based products that leave up to 97% of your students behind, experience products are a brand new kind of online program that combines gamification, adult learning theory and the psychology of motivation to create an unforgettable experience that gets anywhere from 10-30x the industry-standard results for your students… and for your business.
And the best part is that anyone can do it. Whether you’re just starting out and you don’t even know what kind of product you could create or you’ve got a product that isn’t performing as well as you like or you have a successful product but you know you could be doing better for your customers, you’re going to learn how to design and launch a program that gets real results for real people.
Start With You
Your shortcut to figuring out exactly what
you’re here to do, and how to get started
doing it, today.
According to a survey by Inc. Magazine, 63% of people want to
start their own business. But the reality is that only 2% of people will
ever follow their dream.
They want to start their own business, but they don’t know what they want
to do. They don’t know what they can or should do. Or they don’t know what’s going to get traction with their audience or even who their audience is.
For others, they have all this excitement and pent up energy, but it’s like there’s an invisible force field stopping them. They want to be an entrepreneur, but they’re stuck, overwhelmed. They don’t know where to start, what to do next and they spin their wheels trying to come up with the “perfect” idea.
If any of this describes where you’re at right now… I get it.
I want to help you get clear on your unique gifts, what your purpose really is, and create a plan of action to move forward.
This is what we do together in Start With You.
Website ATM
How are you going to make money with your website?
Most web designers & agencies never ask (or answer) this all-important question…

After all, they went to design school, not business school, so they can focus on the wrong things.

Like the newest & coolest things… instead of what’s going to reliably work day in & day out to convert traffic into paying customers.

It’s not their fault, but when you trust your business to folks with no proven experience in direct response marketing, you’re taking a big risk of ending up with an expensive “brochure website” that sits there collecting dust. Big whoops!

We believe that your online platform is an investment in your business that should quickly pay for itself. You just need to know how to do it…

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