Everything You Need To Coach Business Clients Effectively!

35 Ready-to-use coaching tools for Business & Executive Coaches & Consultants.
The Key To Getting A Steady Stream Of Coaching Clients
Your success as a coach depends on your ability to get results for your coaching clients. That's the best, (and most effective way long-term), to grow both your credibility and your business.
The Business Coaching Toolkit is your shortcut to producing results for your coaching clients without having to spend hours creating your own coaching materials. You have everything you need to use with your business coaching clients in one handy and convenient toolkit.
Introducing The Business Coaching Toolkit!
35 Ready To Use Tools To Use With Your Coaching Clients!
The Business Coaching Toolkit is a collection of 35 coaching tools designed to help business coaching clients to grow their businesses, make more money, be more productive and enjoy a better work-life balance.
What are the coaching tools exactly?
The coaching tools are downloadable coaching forms and worksheets in PDF form that you can use with clients to gain clarity around a specific issue, for example creating a business mission or vision, or setting business goals.
Included are client intake and review tools, tools designed to make the business more effective (business mission and vision, goal setting, time management and problem-solving and decision-making) as well as tools designed to make the coaching client more effective (personal productivity, life balance & personal effectiveness) - for a more detailed list of what's included, scroll down below.
What's Inside The Business Coaching Toolbox
Curious about what's inside the Business Coaching Toolbox? let's take a sneak peek at what's inside.
The client intake and review tools are designed to settle the client into the coaching process, get them familiar with you, open their minds to the growth and change that lies ahead, and start making the mental shifts so that they are more receptive to coaching.

Using the client intake tools, you'll be able to:

Get valuable insights into your client's business, business background & history.
Help them to set goals for working with you.
Get a clearer picture of what to work on during your time together.

Having a compelling why (mission) and a crystal-clear vision for their business is one of the most powerful things you can help a business client with.

Everything becomes easier from setting goals, prioritizing tasks and day-to-day activities and making tough decisions...everything is now evaluated in terms of whether this will further the mission and vision for the business.

In this section, you'll help your client to:

Connect with the bigger vision they have for their business
Clearly define their business mission. Connecting to their mission, or their why, helps business owners stay motivated and energized even during tough times.
Turn their business vision into a reality by creating a tangible action plan

The business review and analysis tools will help you and your client to get a clear idea of where the business is, as well as the businesses strengths and weaknesses.

You can then use these crucial insights to inform the goal setting process and to help determine the direction of the coaching.

The purpose of the goal-setting and tracking tools is to help the client set business goals that align with the company's vision and mission.

And then to take those goals and create monthly, weekly and even daily action plans and to track those so that the goals get accomplished.

Making good decisions and the ability to identify and solve problems is the hallmark of a good business person.

The problem-solving & decision-making tools in this toolkit will help the client to think outside the box and access higher levels of thinking to come with solutions to problems or to make decisions that will grow the business and help them make their vision a reality.

The goal of these tools is to help the client to be more productive and to reduce their stress through better time, action, and priority management.

These tools can be used in any order and they can be used alongside the other business coaching tools.

They are incredibly useful for business owners who are often trying to manage multiple conflicting demands on their time.

The biggest bottleneck in any business is often the owner. There is no getting around the fact that the business owner's own personal growth will have a huge impact on the ultimate success or failure of the business.

The personal effectiveness tools here will help the client to:

Identify the client's top 5 weaknesses and then mitigate the impact of those weaknesses on the business.
Identify and use their top 3 personal strengths to help them reach even greater heights.
Create daily success habits that will help the client become more effective in managing their time and their priorities and help them to take better care of themselves

These tools have been designed to:

bring the joy back into the client's work life,
prevent them from overworking & burning out and to
help them to achieve work-life balance.

5 Ways to use the Business Coaching Toolkit to make you even more effective
Here are 5 ways you can use the Business Coaching Toolkit:
1. You can incorporate the tools into your existing coaching program.
2. You can create your own coaching program using the coaching tools. You have everything you need to create a full 3-6 month coaching program around.
3. Give to clients to use in between coaching sessions.
4. Create a business group coaching program using the tools as your program outline
5. Run live or online workshops or seminars and use the tools as handouts
As a reminder, here's what's included:
5 Ways The Business Coaching Toolkit Can Help You
1. It saves a ton of time. There's no need to develop your own coaching worksheets and exercises from scratch, effectively saving you hundreds of hours. Everything is done for you and ready to go right out of the box.
2. Proven materials that work and that get results for clients.
3. Stand out from other coaches by having a clear framework for your coaching. The well-thought-out worksheets help you to come across as the knowledgeable professional that you are.
4. The coaching tools are designed to help your clients to identify blocks and areas of improvement, which in turn makes them even more receptive and ready for coaching.
5. Gives you the confidence to attract new clients, increase conversion rates and inspire existing clients to rave about you.
Grab The Business Coaching Toolkit now while you still can for just R$69!